Higher vibrations. If two words were all that were available to describe 7Knuckles it would be Higher Vibrations. Taking the name 7 to symbolize his personal journey into completion along with his birth last name of Knuckles, 7 has become an unforgettable name and sound to all that experience him. Born in Liberia, Africa into a musical family, 7Knuckles accepted his musical calling in the 7th grade singing popular R&B hits while living in the states. While on his journey to self discovery singing in the church choir and playing in the band, audiences began to become familiar with a voice that became difficult to forget.

In 2001, 7Knuckles started harmonizing with Dream Ent, and other young local artists making a name within the DFW area at local venues and shows. As 7Knuckles perspective broadened and mind shackles began to break , he started focusing on music dedicated to bringing people awareness through his lyrics. In 2011, he joined the Black Chamber Movement comprised of members include Kal-Tourette, SamUiLL, Dezyne, Foreign Diplomat, and Pihon with a goal of making positive music to elevate the minds and encourage people to a more free thinking world. 7Knuckles rhymes & vocals are an extension of this movement.

Recognizing his responsibility as an artist with an ability to touch the lives of people, 7Knuckles combining R&B, Hip Hop with a mixture of African sounds and elements that create a unique blend of musical wisdom and power. Songs like "Take Me Back" and "We Are Africa" provide audiences with his vision of the land and people he feels are often misrepresented through popular media.

In June 2011, 7Knuckles released his largely anticipated debut album ILL.I.B 7Knuckles to a sold out audience. 7 records, mixes, and engineers his own projects while also creating some of the original production and all of the vocal arrangements. Understanding that his music opens doors to different worlds allowing an opportunity to inspire and BE inspired by others while bringing a message of hope and unity, 7Knuckles continues on his journey.